The Scottish Government is taking measures to reduce traffic congestion, fuel use and emissions

The Scottish Government aims to take lorries off the road and have goods transported by sea or rail instead. Its agency, Transport Scotland, gave a Freight Facilities Grant to enable Forth Ports to develop a greener supply chain for Hutchison’s, the Fife miller. 

The Fife Courier reports that dredging work has begun in Kirkcaldy harbour, which was closed to main traffic in 1992.  It will become a working waterfront once more  — with the first cargo of wheat expected in the summer.

Hutchisons Flour’s operations director Tim Hall said that the project would allow the firm to bring in significant quantities of the different wheats it needs by sea rather than by road, giving the company more potential to supply customers with consistent quality flours through difficult conditions of climate and volatile commodity markets. 

Hutchisons [Carr’s Flour] uses high quality imported wheat and locally grown soft milling wheat from which the famous Scottish Shortbread Biscuits are made. 

Nik Scott-Gray, the business development manager of Forth Ports is  delighted that Kirkcaldy harbour will become a working quay again: “The location of Hutchisons at the harbour ensures that this coastal shipping initiative will deliver a continuous product supply to the mill while reducing the lorry journeys by around 4000 per year.” 

News of this and other initiatives, which will remove thousands of lorry miles from Scotland’s roads each year, are indeed an antidote to gloom.


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