Update: Stroud Community Agriculture


News following on from the first post in January.

Sam reports that Class three from Wynstones came to work on the farm through the year. This is a rewarding experience for both class three and me alike. It’s great to see these youngsters getting stuck into their work with such commitment. Class nine also came for two days and completed all the jobs I had assigned them in record time. We have plans to reseed some fields at Brookthorpe to help with the fodder shortages and an increase in the vegetable growing area.

Mark adds vegetable news: 


As well as the weather related problems we had two major pest problems, leek moth and cabbage root fly. The leek moth destroyed two thirds of the leek crop, and the cabbage root fly inhibited growth of the broccoli (but that was killed by the cold anyway).

Crops that were established early grew very well. Our potato crop was the biggest we’ve grown (a bit misshapen maybe), and parsnips, celeriac, squash, and brussel sprouts are just a few of the crops that also did well. We also managed to protect the winter salad from the worst of the cold.  

The SCA AGM was held in March at The Exchange, Brick Row, Stroud. It was followed by a presentation by Martin Large (Stroud Common Wealth and SCA member, Stroud Woodland Co-op) on ‘How can we secure more land e.g. via a proposed Biodynamic Land Trust? He presented the principles of Land Trusts and asked whether the SCA Membership would like to engage in a process of acquiring new farmland through long leasing from such a trust.

For more information go to the SCA website.


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