Constructive thinking: an antidote to gloom?

Perhaps some readers will find the next post cheering. 

Why should they? John Newson, the author, says that it isn’t really good news, as safe cycling corridors are most unlikely to be implemented in Birmingham – though chains of safer streets running parallel to the ‘A’ roads and bus routes have already been included in the City Council’s Walking and Cycling Map. 

I think he is one of those rare people who is ‘ahead of his time’ and whose thinking often comes into the mainstream ten or twenty years after its formulation. 

Others  include: 

an Indian colleague, scientist Winin Pereira, who was aware of, and writing about climate change, peak oil and the adverse effects of the Green Revolution in the 90s, if not before;

 James Robertson, who – after a time as a policy-making civil servant in Whitehall – set up and directed the Inter-Bank Research Organisation for the British banks; over time his work included the  development of  financial and monetary  policies for an enabling state;

and Colin Hines, who was joint creator of the Green New Deal concept.

For many years he has advocated strengthening local economies [localisation] as a socially and environmentally beneficial  alternative to globalisation.


Creative thought, ahead of its time, planting seeds which are growing quite rapidly.  


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