The One Earth Shop: a must for bakers and breadmakers

Many bakers and breadmakers will have found it hard to get a reliable supply of organic flour – let alone a choice of varieties – in supermarkets.  

If they visit the One Earth Shop in Digbeth, Birmingham they will be cheerfully served by Tarren and Nevada, who have recently taken over the shop, and see a range of flours at least ten times wider than can be found in Sainsbury or Waitrose. 

Their Doves organic flours include plain wholemeal, malthouse, rye, buckwheat, gram, barleywheat and ancient varieties: spelt, einkorn and Egyptian kamut. 

Organic? Why bother? 

The Doves Farm website explains that organic food production systems use crop rotations and mechanical intervention to nurture crop health and reduce pest attack. The pesticides used in conventional agriculture are not used and non-residual biodegradable chrysanthemum-based compounds permitted under organic rules treat any problems that arise. 


The One Earth Shop also stocks a good range of household & bodycare products, wholefoods, vegan, wheat-free, organic and Fairtrade goods – and a great ‘find’, the rarely seen Indian ayurvedic soap Chandrika, recommended as the best when the writer was living in India.

Contact details

Birmingham A-Z: 4A 74  &  4D 152


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