Little Kickers: football ‘fun forum’

NOTE: this class has now moved to Dovehouse Lane, Olton. Please contact Mr Higgs for details- see below.

By chance at Solihull Lodge Community Centre I talked to a couple of chaps who were receiving a ‘Little Kickers’ class – a new venture there. 

Seeing the eager Junior Kickers (2-3½ years) coming into the building with their parents was certainly an antidote to gloom and doom, and worth featuring on this website. 


Little Kickers, the UK’s leading toddler-junior football programme, was launched in 2002 when pre-school obesity was a ‘hot’ issue. 


Two ‘hard-working mums’ who were frustrated by the serious shortage of invigorating activities for enthusiastic pre-schoolers, spoke to people who really ‘know their stuff’ and then recruited enthusiastic, child friendly coaches with a first class grasp and love of all things football. 

Little Kickers was set up and has become a national network of informal but professionally run training classes, where enthusiastic boys & girls in classes with age-ranges from 18mths – 7th birthday are given a helping hand to stand on their feet and join a football ‘fun forum’.                               

Little Kicks (18-27 months)

Junior Kickers (2-3½ years)

Mighty Kickers (3½ – 5 years)

Mega Kickers (5-7 years)  

The aim is to instil extra confidence, co-ordination, control and sense of camaraderie which will stand them in good stead for the future.    

Read more here.



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