Preserve peat bogs

Hilary sends this appeal  from Garden Organic – an important subject especially at this time of year when everyone is out in their gardens and potting up plants. 

She writes: 

“If we can get people to understand that by not using peat we can save areas of significant wildlife habitats. Peat bogs are not renewable – well not in our lifetimes or our grandchildrens or our great great great great etc  children’s life times! 

“It takes hundreds of years to ‘renew’ a peat bog. We need to stop the plunder of peat bogs now and save wild life! Peat bogs support enormous amounts of wild life not just a few birds but mammals, plant life, some plant life will only grow in peat bogs so if we continue to use peat a lot of these plants could become extinct!”

Another reason for listening to this appeal:

The National Trust advises the UK government to conserve peat bogs as a way of curbing climate change because British bogs store carbon equivalent to about 20 years’ worth of national industrial emissions.

Natural England asserts that damage to peat bogs in some of the most beautiful areas of England is releasing three million tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year to be released every year, the equivalent to the average emissions of 350,000 households.


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