Solar progress

A cheering report from Ecotricity

EcoBonds, issued by the green electricity company, Ecotricity, were launched in October 2010 to  to help advance the rate at which it can build its new Green Energy projects, principally wind and sun farms.

Post credit crunch, Ecotricity felt that savers weren’t getting a fair deal from the big banks who are paying minimal interest rates whilst charging businesses much more.

By the deadline of the 10th of December, more than 1,800 people had applied for almost £15million worth of four year EcoBonds, with a 75% interest rate, making it oversubscribed by nearly 50% and the most successful private bond ever issued in the UK. The previous largest was £3.6m, issued by Hotel Chocolat earlier this year. 

Solar array – Fen Farm

Ecotricity have twenty smaller windmills in the Lincolnshire Fens – producing enough green electricity each year to power about 12,000 local homes – part funded by ecobonds. Next door a large-scale solar array power plant is to be constructed, providing electricity for 280 average homes for the next 25 years. The solar panels will be fitted in 59 rows over the 4.7 acre site, strategically placed in a south-facing position in order to capture the maximum amount of sunlight.

UK’s first Green Gas

British homeowners can now cook and heat with gas made from eco-friendly ‘composted’ organic waste. Ecotricity was the first energy company in the UK to include supplies of green gas, made using a composting-like process known as anaerobic digestion, in its gas tariff. The green gas is put into the grid, where it mixes with the ordinary ‘brown’ gas. The initial supply was made from sugar beets as a natural by-product of the sugar-making process.  

Nine modern windmills in Leicestershire

Ecotricity has been granted planning consent to build nine modern windmills next to the A46 near Dalby in Leicestershire. They will produce enough green electricity each year to power more than 5,000 typical homes and save 7,000 tonnes of CO2 (carbon dioxide) going into the atmosphere every year. 

Lodge Farm solar park, Somerset

The second 5MW solar scheme will make enough green electricity to power 1,200 homes for the next 25 years. It is expected to start generating late in 2011. 

See their well-designed new premises in Stroud – the photograph does not do them justice.


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