Stroudco, registered as a ‘community interest company’, started with a public meeting in Stroud on 31st October 2006. 

It was started by two ‘activists’ who  were involved in setting up Stroud Community Agriculture (a Community Supported Agriculture enterprise) and this experience gave them the confidence and inspiration to set up Stroudco. 

Stroudco provides local people with a new way of buying good food and drink at fair prices for consumers and producers. 

It also makes a real connection between consumers and farms and other local places producing food and drink. 

This connection provides everyone involved with control, understanding, awareness, education, social links, nourishment and fun. 

See this short film for an insight to Stroudco: 

 Stroudco – Local Food Distribution  


  • Provide affordable, locally-produced food to people in Stroud
  • Give producer members access to a local market at higher than wholesale prices.
  • Build supportive and understanding links between producers and consumers
  • Develop food culture and community strength 


The Ecologist: The StroudCo food hub allows local producers to sell to customers at better prices, whilst shoppers get a keener deal than they would in the supermarket.


Stroud Food Hub is a not-for-profit, democratic social enterprise


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