Low carbon housing with low energy bills

Local agencies will be producing low carbon housing for local people that is cheap to run.

The Accord Group – Accord, Ashram, Caldmore and Moseley & District Housing Associations, Fry Housing Trust and Redditch Co-operative Homes – is one of the largest housing associations in the West Midlands, providing 11,000 homes and a range of services including care and support to around 40,000 people across the region.

In February, Timber in Construction reported that social housing landlord Accord Group bought a derelict Walsall factory on a five acre site on which it planned to set up a timber frame assembly plant to manufacture low-carbon timber houses, which it had previously imported from Norway for use in three of their developments.

Accord’s timber housing in Redditch

Mike Dell, president of Black Country Chamber of Commerce pointed out, in the Birmingham Post, that “ Energy bills for these homes, which are nationally acclaimed, cost on average 50 per cent less than traditionally-built properties of the same size. This sort of saving is a tremendous help to people who are struggling with the current cost of living in the tough economic climate.”

As the Construction Index reported, Accord Group chief executive Dr Chris Handy added: “Importantly the factory will contribute significantly to supporting the local economy, creating jobs for local people and reversing the decline in manufacturing in the region.”


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