Birmingham is plugged into the Electric Highway – no more ‘range anxiety’

Ecotricity and the Birmingham Mail report that electric car owners will now be able to drive from Brum to London by plugging in for 20 minutes using ‘rapid recharge’ at the new charging point at Hopwood Park Services.

The cars will be powered by 100% green energy made at Ecotricity’s wind and solar parks across the UK. 

Reducing carbon emissions, costs and oil consumption 

Dale Vince, founder of Ecotricity, which now has over 50,000 customers, said: “Until now, charging posts have all been in city centres like London, but this is where you need them the least. Statistics show that it’s not in towns and cities where electric cars need to recharge, but on longer journeys between cities – and that means motorways.  


“We’re creating the infrastructure to get Britain’s electric car revolution moving. This marks the beginning of the end for the old combustion engine. With world oil prices going through the roof, you’ll now be able to get around Britain using only the power of the wind It costs just over 1p a mile in an electric vehicle, compared to 15.4p in a petrol car (at today’s oil prices). 

“We consume 23 million tonnes of oil every year in the UK to do the 250 billion miles we drive every year. But we could power all that with 12,000 of today’s windmills, or just 6,000 of tomorrow’s.” 

Transport Direct points out that a driver doing a year’s typical 8,500 miles of motoring could save almost £1,200 in petrol costs at today’s prices, and save around 2,000kg in CO2 emissions. 

Though sales of electric cars have been slow to date, 2011 has seen a vote of confidence from major manufacturers, leading some to call it the ‘The Year of the Electric Car’; several all-electric mass-market models have been launched, including the Nissan Leaf, Mitsubishi MIEV and Peugeot iOn. Ford will also have an all-electric version of its Ford Focus for sale in 2013. 


A move in the right direction? 


2 responses to “Birmingham is plugged into the Electric Highway – no more ‘range anxiety’

  1. Good news, but it won’t make much difference to me and my little G-Wiz that does a maximum of 40mph. I love the points in the town centres.

  2. In March the Dudley News had a promise for you, Will.

    British Gas is to supply vehicle charging points for Nissan’s Leaf electric car and will offer to install solar panels in owners’ homes so they can charge their car for free.

    Mine is a bicycle!

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