Hydrogen: A link with Birmingham’s past and a hope for its future.

On a day when it was reported that eleven year old Sophia Deans’ design for a hydrogen car has won an award, we add news of the Birmingham’s Lunar Society annual Boulton-Watt lecture: Hydrogen, Magnets, Sustainability and the Birmingham Connection, to be given by Professor Rex Harris, leader of the Ross Barlow project – the year’s top post on the Antidote website


Venue: Birmingham Metropolitan College –  Matthew Boulton Campus

5th October 2011, 6pm for 6.30

All are welcome, but non-members will have to register with the Lunar Society.

 Hydrogen:  A link with the past, a hope for the future.

Another planned development described by Professor Harris is a Hydrogen Heritage  Trail, addressing the twin threats of climate change and resource depletion.     

Hydrogen will be employed as a link to the Midlands’ engineering and scientific past whilst informing the public about its potential as a means of storing electricity and as a future zero-carbon fuel for transportation.

One link to the past is the canal and the hydrogen fuel cell boat, the Ross Barlow, provides a pointer to the future.


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