Car clubs: saving carbon and reducing ownership

There are now nearly 150,000 members of car clubs across the UK with cities, towns and even villages realising the cost, environmental and convenience benefits they offer. Car clubs provide the convenience and cost saving of being able to use cars based in neighbourhoods. They also offer strong savings on carbon through reduced car ownership and promotion of sustainable travel. 

Go! Co-operative is a Multistakeholder Co-operative (Somerset Rules), registered under the Industrial and Provident Societies Acts. This co-operative aims to improve access to public transport by providing open access rail services linking main lines to smaller market towns. Where feasible, it aims to provide light rail or bus links or develop car pools to enable outlying communities to access these services. 

One project, the GOCO CAR club, has been developed in collaboration with Hab Oakus and a partnership with Commonwheels, social enterprise car clubs. 

The GOCO CAR club is based in Rodbourne on Northern Road next to ‘The Triangle’, a new high-quality sustainable 42-home development, with shared facilities, one mile north of Swindon rail station and developed by Hab Oakus, a housing company led by Channel 4’s Grand Designs presenter, Kevin McCloud, seen here driving past Triangle housing. 

The new car club is operating initially with two cars and is now available to all Swindon residents and local businesses. It offers users the opportunity of booking a car for 30 minutes or more to provide a cost-effective, convenient and sustainable travel option.

Read about the key benefits on their website.

Is Birmingham city centre’s first City Car Club at the Hub in the Gunsmiths Quarter still prospering?


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