MAC Goes Solar

Cheering news was posted last week on the website of Balsall Heath Is Our Planet – a community initiative that aims to cut the carbon emissions of Birmingham’s inner city neighbourhood:

The Midlands Arts Centre, photographer Michael Westley 

The Midlands Arts Centre in Cannon Hill Park has planning permission for a new array of solar panels to meet some of the centre’s electricity demand from the sun. Installation is due in December, hopefully before the Feed In Tariff payment rate takes a step down.

The solar roof array is up and running on St Mary’s parish church in the centre of Moseley. They say that 3,000 kilowatt hours have been generated this summer, after their long battle to get planning permission. This will offset some of their electric heating. More Details here. 

The Hamza mosque on Church Road also has a new solar roof, sending clean electricity to the area. 

These are the kind of schemes that surely deserve the special ‘community tariff’ which the government is talking about in its Review of the Feed In Tariff  – details here

And earlier this month, news that Balsall Heath Church Centre has been generating plenty of clean electricity on their roof from the sun and feeding much of it into the local grid for the neighbourhood to use. There is a great display, showing how much has been generated every month at this link. 

The writer – probably John Newson – ends: 

We all have to ‘get a move on’ in the progress towards clean energy, as the World Meteorological Organisation reports that burning of fossil fuels is causing the highest ever greenhouse gas levels in the atmosphere.


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