Birmingham’s Electric Swing Circus co-operative: an antidote to gloom for many

 The Electric Swing Circus is a live band which takes audiences back to the sounds of the 1920s jazz and fuses modern dance beats, circus skills and burlesque, putting on a show said to be ‘like no other’. Their performance can be seen and heard here. 

The band is a co-operative formed this year in South Birmingham by a small group of people with a passion for live events, dance and theatre. 

It is owned by the people who work and perform in it – its support team of engineers, technicians designers and choreographers are not just hired help, but members and owners of the co-operative. All important decisions are made by the entire group and profits are shared evenly between the troupe, which has gradually attracted more musicians, performers, lighting designers, sound engineers and set designers – all involved in the creative process. 

Members want to enjoy performing, so look for gigs they think will be enjoyable, rather than those that simply bring in the most money. 

The Electric Swing Circus has played all over the country – everything from festivals to exclusive private events. In November it appeared at the Hare and Hounds and on December 10th at Bar 78 in the Custard Factory. 

For their 2012 events keep an eye on their website:


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