The importance of preserving peat bogs underlined

In July Hilary sent an appeal  from – Garden Organic .

She wrote: 

“If we can get people to understand that by not using peat we can save areas of significant wildlife habitats.

Peat bogs are not renewable – well not in our lifetimes or our grandchildrens or our great great great great etc  children’s life times!  

“It takes hundreds of years to ‘renew’ a peat bog. We need to stop the plunder of peat bogs now and save wild life! Peat bogs support enormous amounts of wild life not just a few birds but mammals, plant life, some plant life will only grow in peat bogs so if we continue to use peat a lot of these plants could become extinct!” 

Earlier this month an article in the Financial Times gave news of a report by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature  about peatlands. formed over thousands of years from dead and decaying plants in waterlogged conditions, release the equivalent of almost 3.7m tonnes of CO2 a year – equal to the average emissions of about 660,000 UK households, more than all the households of Edinburgh, Cardiff and Leeds combined. 

The report says: “A loss of only 5% of UK peat carbon would equate to the total annual UK human greenhouse gas emissions. It is therefore vital for the UK to avoid the huge losses arising from peatland damage in order to meet its international obligations in tackling global warming.” 

The scientists found that much of the UK’s peatlands had been damaged, largely because of the way they had been managed, including drainage for agriculture or forestry, track building and peat extraction. 

Read more about the campaign here.





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