Cycling to the fore

In Leicester

Bikes4All is a community bike enterprise which aims to encourage people of all ages to enjoy healthy and pollution free transport. Leicester residents have been donating their old bikes to Groundwork Leicester, which is reconditioning them. 

The project was set up in September 2003 to prevent bikes going to landfill when they could be refurbished, and sold to families in deprived areas at prices ranging from £16-£40 for children’s bikes and £60 for adults.  

A team of qualified bike mechanics and trainers now delivers accredited and bespoke training programmes. Left: Matt Winning, Groundwork Leicester. Tel enquiries: 0116 2420800


In Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle and Sheffield

Edinburgh Bicycle Co-operative, which opened as a co-op in Edinburgh in 1977, is experiencing a period of expansion with stores opening in Aberdeen, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle and Sheffield as well as through a successful online operation.

This expansion is said to be another sign of the continued health and growth of the UK cycling economy. A report by the London School of Economics  has estimated the UK’s ‘Gross Cycling Product’ contributed £2.9bn to the UK economy with the retail sector turning over £2.47bn annually.

The Co-operative News reports that at the Scottish launch of the United Nations International Year of Co-operatives, Jeremy Miles, the Managing Director of Edinburgh Bicycle Co, said that the co-operative plans to double in size by 2017, increase its workforce from 160 to nearly 300 (all with a share in the company) and increase turnover to £20m.

And Birmingham

Some time ago we gave a link to to the Birmingham Press for news about the Birmingham Bike Foundry – a new co-operative which is trying “to develop a cycling culture within our city:

“a city with serious health problems and a toxic addiction to motorised transport”.


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