Economics as if Life Mattered

Can We Shape Economic Policy to Save Species?

ISEC is co-organizing a symposium with the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) which will take place in London, UK on Friday, May 25th.

The symposium will feature lectures by wildlife biologists, conservationists and environmental economists, including Alejandro Nadal, Molly Scott Cato and directors of Scottish Wildlife Trust, Humane Society International, ZSL and Flora & Fauna International.

The lectures will focus on ways in which the current global market economy hinders conservation, identifying damaging structures, practices and policies. They will examine current economic incentives used in conservation—such as assigning market values to species, business and biodiversity partnerships and sustainable use—raising crucial questions about their effectiveness. The symposium will also explore possibilities for linking up with the broader movement for economic change and begin to answer to the important question: If conservation of species was a guiding principle, what would our economy look like?

Full price registration is priced at £80. Student tickets available for £40. For more information and to register, please visit the ZSL website. |



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