Tapping in to solar thermal – grants for eligible homes

EvoEnergy – known for their efficient intallation of solar PV panels – today sent news about solar thermal systems and grants for eligible homes – from 2nd April. They explain:

“Solar thermal is a very different technology to solar PV. Instead of turning light to electricity it uses the sun’s light to heat your hot water and provide heating. Until recently, it’s been an expensive option and hasn’t enjoyed the same popularity as solar PV. But that’s changed with the introduction of the renewable heat incentive (RHI). The scheme was announced by the government in March 2011 and will offer quarterly payments to those with renewable heat installations – including solar thermal.

“Right now, the payments are only being given to commercial projects. But the second phase of the scheme, set to launch in 2013, will see the scheme open up to households too.

“In the meantime there’s a grant for eligible homes installing systems, the renewable heat premium payment (RHPP). This was originally scheduled to run between August 2011 and March 2012, but on 26 March a second phase of grants was announced. Launching on 2 April, it will support homes installing solar thermal systems with a one-off grant of £300.”


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