Faced by political complacency Shaun Chamberlin summarises the need for action


As the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change releases a new report on the extreme weather implications of the ongoing destabilisation of our climate, the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change quietly announces a 22% decline in UK oil production over the past year, North Sea oil and gas production is said to be “operating on the limits, perhaps over the limits, of acceptable risk” and rich nations prepare to release emergency oil reserves, what is the response?

Well, the mainstream media continue to downplay or ignore both peak oil and climate change, we see fuel rationing of the most unfair kind here in the UK (price increases and reportedly thousands of dry petrol stations) and a new military peak oil report (Swiss/US) warns that transitioning away from oil too soon might lead to a competitive disadvantage relative to other nations. Unfortunately it seems that the only two modes our Governments have are complacency and panic.

Is this appropriate, even acceptable? The words of journalist Stephen Faris spring to mind: “It’s no longer possible to delve into our relationship with the global environment without drawing conclusions that make you seem like a raving fanatic to those who have yet to delve”.

If nothing else, there is certainly no shortage of motivation for pushing TEQs, as the ‘Peak Climate’ situation continues to bite ever harder.

Shaun Chamberlin

TEQs Development Director
The Lean Economy Connection

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“Rationing is the fairest and most effective way of meeting Britain’s legally binding targets for cutting greenhouse gas emissions”

– Lord Smith of Finsbury, Chairman, Environment Agency


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