Update on progress of the campaign for Tradable Energy Quotas


Whilst I was in Tokyo, news came from Shaun Chamberlin.

He writes that the Spanish and Italian translations of the Parliamentary TEQs report should be ready for release next month. The latest draft of the Italian version can be seen here, but is still awaiting final design work.

Since the last update, TEQs has been included in the New Economics Foundation’s second New Home Front report and a special edition of the Supreme Court Law Review (Canada). John Thackara has revealed the key ten books that he feels the new Italian Prime Minister should read if he wants to understand the key forces shaping our collective future. TEQs inventor Dr. David Fleming’s Lean Logic is among them.

Meanwhile, in the academic world, a post-graduate dissertation has studied the barriers to, and current progress towards, implementation, while an article in the Energy Policy journal examined what we can learn from the experience of existing voluntary carbon rationing groups (CRAGs) with regard to the potential impacts and operation of a national scheme.

Thanks also to Guy Davies of Stockholm University, who got in touch to suggest some useful clarifications to our TEQs FAQs page.

Finally, Shaun writes, we have had to set up a new Facebook page, as the old Facebook groups format has been discontinued. If you use Facebook, please back us by ‘liking’ us here.



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