News from Caroline Whyte of Feasta

Our new book, Sharing for Survival: Restoring the Climate, the Commons and Society was launched in Machnylleth on April 13th,with an Irish launch coming up on May 19th at Cloughjordan in Ireland. There’s more information about it at

The book explores the politics of climate change, placing a strong emphasis on social justice. It’s edited by ecological economist Brian Davey, a long-time Feasta member and co-ordinator of the Cap and Share campaign for cutting carbon emissions and includes essays by nine Feasta Climate Group members.

Other authors include Nick Bardsley, James Bruges, John Jopling, Justin Kenrick, Laurence Matthews and Caroline Whyte and our much-loved late colleague, Richard Douthwaite. The book concludes with Richard’s essay which is called “Time for some optimism about the climate crisis”.

The other new development is the launch of the Feasta Currency Group. This will be primarily an online Community of Practice (CoP) for local currency advocates (and would-be advocates) to share experience and information around the development and implementation of local currencies – initially via a Facebook Group and a group email list. We’ve been delighted with the response to the mailout inviting people to join – over 90 people from many different places and backgrounds are interested in the group. It seems as though local and alternative currencies are getting more and more attention these days.

Note earlier coverage of the Bath Oliver and link to the Stroud Pound on our first site.


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