(I note that networkers Ben Dyson, Richard Douthwaite and Helena Norberg-Hodge are named in the (En)Rich List which celebrates inspirational individuals. You can see how the selections were made here and read the list here.)

Ben spoke at the JustBanking conference in Edinburgh on Friday 20th, which also featured Prof Richard Werner, Prof Steve Keen, Josh Ryan-Collins, Molly Scott Cato and the Bank of England’s Adam Posen.

97% Owned – the New UK Documentary about Money on 1st May

The first UK-focused documentary about money, money creation and the privatised, debt-based money system will be released on 1st May! The documentary features interviews with Ben, Josh-Ryan Collins of the New Economics Foundation, Ann Pettifor, the Jubilee Debt Campaign and other people involved in monetary reform. You can watch the trailer here:

On the website his colleague Mira Tekelova records that Dr. Peter Bofinger one of the most renowned economists in Germany and a member of the German Council of Economic Advisors since 2004, acknowledged in a Financial Times Deutschland interview:

“In the textbooks models banks act purely as intermediaries, they collect savings and then hand them back to the economy in the form of loans. These Mickey Mouse models are far removed from reality . . .

“Over the years prior to the crisis the banks were able to create loans out of nothing. Due to this the financial system has almost broken down. This active role that banks play has neither been included in textbooks up to today, nor is it taken into account by the ECB when formulating monetary policy.” Read more here.


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