Network news from Diana Schumacher: Bristol’s Big Green Week

The very first BIG Green Week festival programme features one hundred events over nine days in Bristol, from Saturday 9th to Sunday 17th June – and seven of those days will have a Schumacher Lecture as the main event of the evening – making this the largest Schumacher Lectures ever.

In the words of Festival chair Jonathon Porritt, ‘the Big Green Week has been designed to inspire and empower people, to give them a feel for so much of the creative thinking and practical action that is going on all around the country.’

The speakers include friends both new and old. Two authors join us for the first time – Australian Clive Hamilton will be exploring a very powerful question: are we capable of managing the planet? And Patrick Curry will talk about ecological ethics.

Two TV stars, both very committed to a greener future, will join us – Deborah Meaden of Dragon’s Den and Kevin McLeod of Grand Designs.

And we welcome back Polly Higgins – just before she goes to Rio to present her proposal for a new international law against ‘Ecocide’; and Juliet Davenport, one of a number of speakers who are leading change in the business world. And of course, many leaders in the green movement will be with us – Ed Mayo, Tony Juniper, Rob Hopkins and Bill McKibben among them.

To see the full list, click here – and we look forward to welcoming you in June! Tickets can be booked through eventbrite.



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