Network news: John Bunzl


Update from John Bunzl who is currently in Germany for the Simpol-Germany launch at the Annual Conference of the German Integral Forum in Berlin from 15-17th June. Details of the conference may be seen here. A new Simpol-Germany website has been set up.

Before the launch, Simpol-Germany’s National Coordinator, Dirk Weller, is accompanying John on a workshop tour of Frankfurt, Witten, Hanover and Hamburg from 11-14th June.

John adds that Simpol-UK trustee, Mark Horler, has been interviewed by the leading UK political opinion website Politics UK and speaking alongside James Quilligan, an expert on the Commons. Mark explained how, to democratise the global political commons, citizens need to regain control of their governments through the ballot box, and how Simpol offers us just such an opportunity. See a video of Mark’s talk at

John ends: “We won’t drive politicians to solve global problems if we don’t make it in their vital electoral interests!

“Please encourage your friends and colleagues to sign on to Simpol at and to write to their politicians!” 


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