The Karuna project in Shropshire


Barbara Staples sends news of a talk about the Karuna permaculture project between Ludlow and Shrewsbury in Shropshire.

It is inspired by the temperate climate Forest Garden of Robert Hart, Shropshire’s world famous pioneer.

A visit to him is one of my best memories. 


Olwen Pritchard interviewed Karuna members:

“We have chosen to live a Low Impact life style as a meaningful transition in the face of climate change, peak oil and economic instability which is no longer a future possibility but a current reality. The transition  to energy descent will be difficult. However the sooner we start preparing for it the easier it will be. If people continue on their current path for another 8-10 years our choice will be lost and we will have committed ourselves, our species and our planet to catastrophic climate change . . .

“We hope that more and more of the community will benefit from fruit and vegetables organically grown at Karuna and sold at the local farmers market in the not too distant future and possibly serve as an additional top-up for existing organic box schemes in the area. We are informed that there simply isn’t enough local organic fruit and veg supply . . .

“Karuna is neither politically nor religiously biased and we hope to cross these artificial divides. The project does not have any ‘fixed idea’ about the multitude of ways it can serve small groups and individuals within the local and broader community.”

Read Olwen Pritchard’s account on the Green Building website:

Talk in Birmingham on Permaculture at Karuna: Birmingham Vegetarians and Vegans 

24 July at 7.30 pm at VEGed Out cafe, 7 Fletchers Walk, Paradise Place, Birmingham City Centre, B3 3HJ.

This is in a pedestrian walkway under the Conservatoire which can be accessed from a pedestrian crossing by the Town Hall. (Entry £2. Teas & vegan cake for sale)

Barbara Staples:



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