Network news: “Future Money” travels to India

James Robertson update:

The writer read James’ latest book, ‘Future Money’ weeks ago and has been meaning to spend time sharing insights from it on several websites. As someone wrote in The Friend this week, she needs to get a Round Tuit.

A testimonial makes a good starting point – an email message from the chief editor of India’s NewsX TV station, Jehangir Pocha: 

“I am really enjoying Future Money. It is an excellent book, with the simple language and structure of a 101 textbook but the underlying profundity of a treatise on philosophy.

”It is also an important book, and so I wanted to ask if you know how I can order some 50-odd copies for India. I want to send the book to various ministers, politicians, businessmen and bureaucrats, including our central bank governors.

”I wonder if there is also an e-book that can be downloaded. Couldn’t find it online.

”After I complete the book I will also try to review it for a newspaper or magazine here.

”I don’t know if James will remember me given we last talked three years ago! But if you have them, do send me his email and/or telephone number as I would like to congratulate him.”




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