The first Community Supported Agriculture project in Wales


Many readers who clicked on our earlier news of Stroud’s Community Supported Agriculture will welcome this account of Wales’s first CSA project.

This has been set up by the Miles family, farmer Gerald, his wife Ann, and their son Caz, at Caerhys just half a mile from the North Pembrokeshire coast at Berea.

Miles csa 1

The Miles family farm is 160 acres and used to produce milk, but falling milk prices led to the sale of the dairy herd in 2003. The farm became organic in 1998 and diversified into a Welsh Black beef suckler herd, Oxford Sandy and Black pigs, horse and pony liveries, and bed and breakfast but still the farm income was not sufficient to support Caz, and Gerald and Ann aim to pass the farm from one generation to the next.

Miles csa 2

In March 2010 a small group of local people came up with a plan to bring more business to the farm and at the same time to supply local households with fresh vegetables – COCA, Caerhys Organic Community Agriculture, was set up. COCA is an agricultural scheme run for and supported by, the local community.   COCA members or ‘sharers,’ grow and share delicious organic food, in partnership with local farmers.

Our concept is simple and based on mutual benefit and shared risk.  Sharers visit Caerhys Organic Farm (close to St David’s) to collect their weekly share of freshly harvested seasonal vegetables.

Miles csa 3

Apart from a colourful array of vegetables, herbs and flowers, sharers can also buy fresh local produce – organic milk, cheese, eggs and free-range organic meats. COCA often works with nearby farmers, to ensure our range and quality of produce is the best it can be.

Read more about the project by following these links:


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