TOPSET Trackers: harvesting the sun’s energy


Jadwiga Lopata sends information from Poland about a solar tracking system – an efficient way to harvest solar energy.

All those who have been told that their roofs or other sites are not suitable because they are unfavourably oriented will be interested in TOPSET Trackers (

The principle reminds me of the German revolving house – at  one extreme – and my neighbour’s low-tech plan to put his greenhouse on a stand and rotate it manually, following the sun’s movements.

Chris Wietrzny,, writes that PV modules are most efficient when they are installed perpendicularly to the sun.

When they are fixed to an ‘underconstruction’, around 30% of the annual yield is lost and so it is advantageous to increase the efficiency of photovoltaic modules by installing this system that tracks the sun.

It is a simple and reliable product, made in the EU, and attractively priced.

In answer to my question he added: “our tracking systems can be installed by any company which is also installing PV modules. It does not require any special training or authorisation”.

Contact: Krzysztof Wietrzny,,



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