Some Remploy workers move to co-op/social enterprise

A number of ‘phoenix type’ co-ops have emerged from Remploy factories in recent years. Skilled workers in York disemployed by Remploy have  disabilities which have left them struggling to find jobs.

York workers

Several articles in the York Press record that former workers of the closed York Remploy factory joined forces with unions to raise the £56,000 needed to set up the York Disabled Workers Co-operative. Read on here.

Ability Tec Ltd in Bolton announced plans to create a training centre for companies who want to employ disabled people. The factory will be managed by former Remploy employees, with a board of directors overseen by independent trustees, including Dr Brian Sloan, chief economist of Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce.

Ability-Tec people

This social enterprise, operating out of the former Remploy site, will move to new local premises in January, manufacturing high grade printed circuit board assemblies and using a workforce of whom at least 75% are disabled. Read on here.


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