British pig farmers: cause for satisfaction


British farmers stopped using the cages or sow stalls in 1999 because they were so small the huge animals didn’t have enough room to turn around.

The EU has outlawed the system across member states from today, having given EU farmers 11 years notice of deadline but only one third of French farms have removed cages and half of German farms are still using sow stalls.

The Mail says that because farmers across Europe have ignored the ban on ‘pig cages’, UK families will continue to eat pork, ham and bacon from foreign factory farms.

Readers say:

Of course they can avoid meat from ill-treated pigs, as they have been able to for years. Buy British meat only; look for the red tractor.

Buy outdoor reared or organic if you can afford it, it tastes better, but any British farm treating animals as many continental ones do will very soon find themselves in court.

The Red Tractor logo ensures minimum standards, and British meat is no more expensive – for instance, Morrisons is hardly an expensive supermarket, but sources all its meat in the UK.

British families will be able to avoid eating this pork simply by buying British pork. It’s entirely avoidable and if you are unable to establish the provenance then don’t buy it.

gloucester old spot

Compare a joint of roasted free range Saddleback or Old Gloucester to the flabby, insipid meat from the supermarket and the difference is incredible. It may cost a little bit more but when meat tastes that good then the price is justified.

Some advocated eating less meat or becoming vegan or vegetarian, but most agreed:

Well it really is simple, buy British bacon, pork etc.


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