The Grameen Scotland Foundation launches a micro-lending system


Shafi Chowdhury today sent news updating earlier reports of the Grameen Scotland Foundation.

yunus social businessIn March last year Professor Mohammed Yunus announced details of this new charity, which aims to alleviate economic, health and social inequalities in some of Scotland’s poorest communities.

Three days ago the Foundation launched a micro-lending system, initially serving Glasgow, North Ayrshire, West Dunbartonshire and Inverclyde. It is intended to help individuals to make a better life for themselves by empowering them to cultivate business skills, develop financial awareness and become active members of the community.

Prof Yunus founded the original Grameen bank in Bangladesh in the 1970s: “It goes straight to the heart of what finance should be all about – knowing customers as individuals and meeting their needs and aspirations.” Micro-lending is well-established in several developing countries and recently we reported on loans for affordable solar home systems in Bangladesh.

Background information

In an earlier post, there was a reference to the opening of Glasgow Caledonian University’s Grameen Caledonian College of Nursing in Bangladesh which would help to bring nurse and midwifery training to an international standard.

Professor Yunus, now Chancellor of Glasgow Caledonian University, collaborated in setting up the Yunus Centre for Social Business and Health at the university, to study the impact of microcredit on the health and well-being of communities in Scotland and overseas.



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