Optometrists of Indian origin volunteer their services in Amarpurkashi



News from Amarpurkashi

Optometrists’ Visit

From 21st to 28th February, 2013, VRI was fortunate to have five young optometrists, all of Indian origin, visiting Amarpurkashi and volunteering their services.

They came well prepared with all the necessary equipment for testing both the health and the vision of the eyes of the students in the primary and junior high schools. On Sunday when the schools were closed, they made themselves available for local villagers.

They carried out their work in a very professional manner and left behind details of the people they had tested.  They also raised money before their trip so that those who needed glasses or treatment would be able to get it. Poverty would not stand in their way.

VRI eye checksAt present, schools are closed for the long summer break but as soon as they re-open in July, all those identified by the optometrists will get their eyes treated and/or glasses made.

One positive sign of the progress that has been made in Amarpurkashi and surrounding villages is that, unlike twenty years ago when a volunteer nurse checked all the students, now the optometrists found that most students’ eyes were healthy and the main problems were simply that they needed glasses for long or short sightedness. This improvement has undoubtedly been helped by the vitamin programme for primary school students that the nurse set up and which continues to this day.

As we mentioned earlier this year, the students held a Monopoly bike challenge, riding 23.5 miles round London, visiting all the sites on the Monopoly board. They raised money to fund the equipment they will take and endow a small scholarship fund to assist any poor students who need glasses or treatment but cannot afford it.

For further information regarding VRI please contact Jyoti Singh at:

Volunteers for Rural India
12 Eastleigh Avenue
South Harrow
United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 (0)20 8864 4740

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