A pattern of affirmative action in Egypt

muslims protecting church I received a link to this picture with the comment:

“Contrary to army’s assertion (while shooting protesters in the eye with live – US/ UK provided – ammunition…) that it’s the Brotherhood burning churches, this is more the true picture: a peace cordon outside churches by Muslims”.

Then I read a comment about this subject: “By the way, if pro #Morsi protesters cordon one church for a good PR shot, doesn’t mean that they didn’t burn the rest”.

After looking around a pattern of affirmative action in Egypt was seen:

A 2010 New Year’s Eve attack by Islamic fundamentalists on the Coptic Orthodox Church in the city of Alexandria left 21 dead and many more injured. One week later, thousands of Muslims stood as human shields outside churches as Coptic Christians attended Christmas Masses on 6 & 7 January 2011.

 muslims protecting church 2011

In 2011 the Los Angeles Times reported that Muslims carried Korans alongside Bibles and crosses in a solidarity demonstration in Cairo. AP picture 

In January 2012, at Midnight Mass the Coptic Catholic church in Luxor, Egypt was surrounded by Muslims who had come to protect the worshippers. Muslims formed a cordon of security around the church and some even took part in the service to visibly demonstrate their solidarity.

Bishop Johannes Zakaria, the Coptic Catholic Bishop of Luxor, was moved to say, “I was able to witness in person how ordinary Muslims – just normal people who live around us – embraced our community. … These brethren of ours have rejected violence; have asserted that terrorism is not true Islam.

As Pastor Mark Vanderput says in his blog: “Actually it has been going on for quite a while”.


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