Younicos: “Let the fossils rest in peace”


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Younicos was founded in 2006 by executives at German solar manufacturer Solon, who were frustrated that the company could not raise finance for battery storage, which they saw as the next key development.

Giles Parkinson writes, in one of a series of interviews and stories that will run over the next few weeks looking at the transition of Germany’s energy grid to one dominated by renewable energy:

“You don’t have to go far inside the headquarters of (this) German battery storage company, or even their website for that matter, to find out what they are about. “Let the fossils rest in peace,” the logo suggests. Another sign at their technology centre east of Berlin proclaims: “You are now leaving the CO2 producing sector of the world.”

younicos sign“This sign is designed to mimic those which adorned the checkpoints that separated the various sectors of east and west Berlin before the wall was torn down. Younicos believe they have a technology that is equally disruptive, and can break down one of the last barriers to 100% renewable energy: the need to run fossil fuel generation to control the “frequency” of the grid, and the other system services such as voltage control”.

The battery storage test centre at Younicos

The battery storage test centre at Younicos

Younicos says that its battery parks can substitute 10 times the capacity from conventional generation – coal, nuclear and gas – and at a fraction of the cost.

For an investment of €3 billion, conventional generation in Germany’s 80GW would no longer be needed for frequency and stability purposes.

Click on this link to read the whole article and see the graph which shows how Younicos’ remote storage system works.

Other articles on similar themes may be see in the website’s Insight section).



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