The Organic Research Centre (Elm Farm): sustainable land-use and food systems, primarily within local economies

orc 2header

The Organic Research Centre (Elm Farm) is a registered charity, formally known as the Progressive Farming Trust Ltd.

ORC elm farmORC’s business is to develop and support sustainable land-use, agriculture and food systems, primarily within local economies, which build on organic/agro-ecological principles to ensure the health and well-being of soil, plant, animal, people and our environment. Read on here.

ORC elm farm researchers2

The research programme is co-ordinated by Dr Bruce Pearce with support from our Principal Scientific Advisor Prof. Martin Wolfe, Crops Team Leader Dr. Robbie Girling, Socio-economic Team Leader Dr. Susanne Padel and other members of the research team.

ORC elm farm researchers3

Read more about the centre’s research areas here. For more information see the website and the account in its 30th Anniversary Bulletin.

ORC elm farm pigs

And – at Aston University in January: ORC 8th Organic Producers’ Conference: Intensive Sustainability or Sustainable Intensification – which way forward for organic farming?

ORC elm farm training.jpeg

The pictures come from their charming Christmas video – well worth seeing.

ORC elm farm greetings



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