Positive News is to become a co-operative

pn 1

Positive News is a publication which – like this website – is dedicated to reporting positive developments, focussing on the good in the world and the solutions to humanity’s challenges. For 22 years it has brought stories of positive change to hundreds of thousands of people, covering issues such as new economics, organic agriculture and renewable energy. The paper spread internationally, with sister editions set up by its founder ,Shauna Crockett-Burrows, in Spain, Hong Kong, the US and Argentina.

Highlighting the demand for a more positive media, the Positive News Community Share Offer has now reached its target. 30 days, 1,525 people, 33 countries, 303 cheques and more than1,200 online investments led the team to a total of £263,422 raised by 6pm GMT this evening. Since meeting the original target of £200,000 on Friday, nearly 400 new co-owners still decided to join. Co-owners from Malaysia to Iceland, from Costa Rica to Greece and from Australia to Ukraine joined, buying shares for birthdays, anniversaries, births and some just because they wanted to #OwnTheMedia.

pn team

The Positive News team will now process all the necessary administration to make the transition into a co-operative. As outlined in their business plan and share offer document, they will hire new core team members and overhaul the Positive News website and print publication.



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