Portpatrick Harbour

portpatrick harbour

Portpatrick Harbour: news relating to this site’s three foci: the environment, heritage and beneficial innovation

In July 2015, the Portpatrick Harbour Community Benefit Society became the first “Community Benefit Society” in Scotland, registering with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and obtaining full charitable status.This was achieved with the support and guidance of Community Share Scotland, Cooperatives UK, Social Investment Scotland and Third Sector Dumfries & Galloway.

Portpatrick’s name is derived from a legend which relates that the Patron Saint of Ireland crossed the 21-mile channel in a single stride.

Between 1770, when the first proper harbour was built by John Smeaton and 1830, the harbour served as the main route for mail, passengers and cattle to Ireland, and was the terminus of a military road built across Galloway from Dumfries to secure the area in 1765. Fishing became an important feature of harbour life and, during the 1950s, the “ring netters” of the Clyde fleet would land huge catches of herring from around the Isle of Man and the North Channel. Portpatrick still has a small fleet of fishing boats. Below: its sea ‘wall’.

portpatrick sea wall

Anca Voinea in the Co-operative News, reports that the Portpatrick Harbour Community Benefit Society is launching a share offer to bring Portpatrick harbour into community ownership. The scheme aims to raise £75,000 to regenerate the harbour.

The society’s management team has eight committee members, three of whom have varied professional management experience, with four who hold professional marine qualifications.

Over the past few months, Community Shares Scotland has been working with the Portpatrick Harbour team on this offer which will allow local people to buy community shares. The Community shares offer will open on 5th September.


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