Renewable energy gains ground in Asia


cere logo 3As downbeat news from Britain is received, India’s CERE gives a video link about Cochin’s fully solar powered airport and a Reuter’s report in Business Today, by Jacob Gronholt-Pedersen in Singapore, states that record job hiring in solar, wind and hydro is partly offsetting the job losses in the oil and gas sector, where more than 200,000 jobs have been cut worldwide since oil prices collapsed last year, according to recruiter Swift Worldwide Resources.

Direct and indirect employment in renewable energy jumped 18% or by about 1.2 million, last year to 7.7 million globally, with most of the new jobs being created in Asia, according to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).

solar panels asia

Some of the biggest gains have been made in China, India, Indonesia, Japan and Bangladesh and the overall figure could top 16 million globally by 2030. China already employs 3.4 million people in renewable energy and this raised its solar installation target for 2015 by 30%. In India, IRENA expects 1 million new jobs to be created after the government pledged to triple installed wind capacity and raise solar power capacity 33 fold by 2022.

We read that huge amounts of western money are flowing into renewable energy in Asia, according to David Russell, chief executive of Equis Funds Group, which has invested $2.4 billion in Asian projects over the last two years.

The massive renewable energy programmes in countries such as China and India are causing engineering students to rethink their options and even consider mid-career switches for some who have spent more than a decade in the oil sector. “It’s a matter of time for me personally before I make the move,” said a Singapore-based project manager for offshore construction at an oil and gas firm, who is considering shifting into solar after 15 years in the oil sector.

New Delhi’s Teri University has 139 students enrolled in its renewable energy programmes this year, up from 97 in 2014 and 69 in 2013.

This has inspired Bluestream Australia to launch a platform on Linked In called Renewable Energy Interns, a group for prospective interns to find opportunities for internships, and for renewable energy companies who could benefit from having an intern in their business.


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