Rooting for Real Farms

Tracy Worcester (Farms not Factories) has drawn attention to the work of Stephen & Rachael McMaster.

From their website, CurlyPigs:

Our journey started seven years ago when we bought our first pig (Pigaleena) & five weaners. The initial plan was that we would buy a pig for Christmas but we quickly realised that we had stumbled upon something quite special – the Mangalitza – & Pigaleena became our oldest serving sow & pet. We want to make local produce available to local people and provide exceptional charcuterie made from the Kobe beef of pork.

Click on Tracy adds: please support our small scale, high welfare farmers by giving this video a like and a share.

Stephen and Rachael live in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, keeping rare breed Hungarian Mangalitsa pigs that are slow grown and don’t need any antibiotics. They are moved around a native forest where they root around foraging for food, digging up invasive plant species and regenerating the forest floor.

Stephen says that the fat stores any chemicals that are put into the animal’s body so it’s a necessity for us to go medicine free. They don’t get antibiotics, they don’t get iron boosters. Providing you give them the proper environment they don’t need the extra chemicals.

Mangalitza pigs bred, born, raised and soon to be cured in the heart of Fermanagh, Northern Ireland.

This meat is marbled with bright white fat which not only melts in your mouth but has health benefits; it is packed with Omega 3 fatty acids – the same beneficial mono-unsaturated oleic acids found in olive and avocado oils.

Lard has less saturated fat and more unsaturated fat than an equal amount of butter, and contains no trans fat, unlike margarine, vegetable shortenings and hydrogenated fats – and the flavour is sublime.

After learning about the horrors of intensive, commercial pig farming they decided to provide local people with high-end meat that is free-range, high welfare, antibiotic and chemical-free, sustainable & treated with the utmost of respect, as naturally as possible.





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